A Ukrainian Christmas Collection "Vozveselimsia"
Olya's Christmas CD is a collection of 16 songs
Olya learned through her bandura ensembles in
NYC, Promin & old records. Olya & Slau combined
forces again after their successful production of
children's songs. This CD is a pleasure to listen
to, fun to sing along with and the great, new
arrangements will keep you entertained! Click on
Olya's picture  or click on  this link to hear the
Ukrainian Lyrics PDF
We decided that it would be really wonderful to have lyrics to sing along with!
Roma Hayda created a beautiful PDF including Ukrainian lyrics for all of the
songs, transliterated lyrics (Ukrainian words written in English letters) and a brief
summary of what the songs are about. They are laid out beautifully and you
could print them at your convenience. If you have the CD go to "My Computer"
and then click on "Open" and the file will pop up. If you do not, click on the
following link and it should open up:     
 Vozveselimsia Lyrics 2010
Olya's New Christmas CD!  AVAILABLE NOW!  At CDBaby, Yevshan, iTunes, & more!
CD's available at SURMA NYC; Soyuzivka, NY;
CDBaby.com; Yevshan.com;  Ukrainian Cultural
Centre in Winnipeg, Canada; Ukrainian Book Store
in Edmonton, Canada; St. Joseph Book & Icon Store
in Chicago, SUMA Cooperativa in Hartford, CT
and on iTunes! For iTunes just type in
"Olya Fryz" in the search bar.
       Click on the list of songs to be linked to CDBaby.com         
                Send e-mails to:   
CD's also available in Passaic, NJ; Donna Bilanycz in Cedar Knolls, NJ;
Tania Sawa Priatka in Stamford, CT; St. Joseph Book & Icon Store in
Chicago, Ukrainian School in Yonkers, NY. Please e-mail me if you have an
organization that might want to carry these CD's. Thank you to all of you!
English Translations
My brother in law, Wolodymyr B.
Mykula, a professional linguist &
translator, translated the carols into
English poems following the rhythm of
the Ukrainian music. These are brilliant
and give you the true meaning of these
beautiful & traditional carols in English.