Ukrainians around the world have been enjoying Olya's music! An accomplished vocalist and bandura
instrumentalist (the bandura is a 58 stringed Ukrainian folk instrument), Olya has been entertaining
audiences for over 25 years. Olya is a multi-faceted performer incorporating her many years of music and
dance  studies. She began singing at age 5 in her church choir, at 6 began ballet and Ukrainian dance, by 7
Olya was taking piano lessons.  In elementary school Olya was introduced to the flute, joining every school
musical production, choir & band, then fell in love with the bandura (the 58 stringed national instrument of
Ukraine) and she's been singing, playing and entertaining ever since!  

Growing up in NYC, Olya trained, performed and recorded with the Homin Stepiv Bandura Ensemble, the New
York School of Bandura, the Promin Vocal Ensemble, Pani Roma Pryma Bohachevsky's "Syzokryli" Dance
Ensemble, pianist Andrij Stasiw and several Ukrainian wedding bands. Olya emerged as a solo vocalist who
set out to develop her music creatively and instinctively to reflect traditional Ukrainian concepts with
individualized arrangements and flair. Olya's love of Ukrainian folk music is heard in all of her recordings.

Now, living in Oxford, CT, Olya is a certified elementary music teacher in Trumbull, CT and currently teaches
music to grades K-5 at Jane Ryan Elementary School.  Olya is honored that she has the opportunity to work
with students and pass along her love for music, with our new generation of students! Olya just returned from
fourth bandura music workshop held in CT at the beautiful oselia of Bobriwka in Colebrook, CT.
Olya's Music Bio
Olya's Music Bio
Olya’s performance credits include festivals, interactive children's programs, fundraising
events and concerts throughout the United States and Canada including the "Rochester
Ukrainian Festival",
Chicago Ukrainian Festival. "The Ukrainian Bloor Street Festival" &
"Kotiache Vesillia" in Toronto, Canada; Children's Programs at Washington D.C.,
Philadelphia, PA and Soyuzivka, NY; “Razom Festival” in Edmonton, Canada, Liberty
State Park Celebrations in NYC, Lincoln Center in NYC, Verkhovyna Festival in Glen
Spey NY, cabarets in Chicago, Detroit,
Soyuzivka, NYC and the
United Nations International Citizens World Music Concert.  
Check out the calendar to see where she'll be next!
Pictured above from a gig
at Soyuzivka, NY:
Yurij Turchyn (violin),
Slavko Halatyn
(producer,musician &
arranger of "Shcho za
Olya Fryz,
Nick Chodoba (bassist),
Kefin Roth (percussionist)
and kneeling is
Andrij Stasiw (pianist &
co-producer of Olya's first
album "Zhadaj")